The Value and Values of Culture - in cooperation with Culture Action Europe

Cultural Climate Barometer 2017




Culture and the "Deplorables". Talk held at Yuste.

The Story of 1073 Bonds. Presenting partnerships in EU-financed cultural projects, 2014-2016.

1011 translations. An analysis of the Creative Europe literary translation programme, 2014-2015.

Cultural policy country profile of Hungary. Updated entry to the Compendium (cultural policies and trends in Europe)

The Cinderella of European Cultural Policies, on socio-culture

Cultural Policy Barometer 2015, substantial report

Cultural Policy Barometer 2015, concise report


Creative Bicycles 2015. The story of 751 bonds; analysing partnerships in EU-financed cultural projects.

Cultural Employment in Europe, 2015

Festivals and democracy before and after Hungary's regime change in 1989. Chapter in the 2015-2016 EFFE Guide.


Cultural Policy Barometer 2014, Europe

V4 - Crowdfunding Study

Culture in the treaties


European Culture Index – report

European Culture Index – considerations

Cultural Policy Barometer, Europe

V4 - Creative Incubators

Hungarian report on Arts Education in Hungary, created within the Arts Education Monitoring System project published also in the Final report closing up a two-year-long study on arts education in Austria, England, Germany, Hungary and Spain

Culture and Democracy. Background Paper to the 10th Council of Europe Conference of Ministers of Culture, Moscow, April 2013


Publishing translations in Europe. A survey of publishers.

Survey of key national organisations supporting literary exchange and translation in Europe

Bulgaria is no exception. The opening conference of the Bulgarian Festival Association in the eyes of a foreign participant

Culture and the Structural Funds in Hungary. An EENC paper.

Why not change the features of the ECOC programme more?

Enhancing language diversity on cultural markets 

Decision maker friendly research in culture

Festivals jubilee notes, the 60th Anniversary of European Festival Association


Comments about the proposed Creative Europe programme

Bonds beyond borders. Analysing partnerships in EU-financed cultural projects

Respect for past diversity. Key added value of the European heritage label

Results of a 2011 survey with governments on culture budgets and the financial crisis and culture

What have cultural ministers to do with creative industries?

Publishing translations in Europe - trends 1990-2005, prepared for the Making Literature Travel series of LAF, Literature Across Frontiers


The rating system of Hungarian festivals

The issue of access to culture in today's Europe, The contribution of culture in combating poverty and social exclusion

A revolutionary never rests. The last thirty years of John Lennon

Long range dependence. Artists Moving & Learning national report – Hungary

Experience more! Artists Moving & Learning national report – Slovenia

Comments to the Green Paper (Unlocking the potential of cultural and creative industries)

The effects of the economic crisis on culture


Culture & development 20 years after the fall of communism in Europe. Background paper to the conference in Cracow

Anthology of graphs that highlight East European features

Translation diversity. From literary translation lane to cultural diversity avenue

Technocratic excesses. What (among others) drove Pécs 2010 into an unmanageable situation


Comparing how culture industries are treated in cultural policies

The HungaroConnections Project

Networking and stimulating transnational cooperation and free flow of information in the cultural sector. Re-network! conference in Ljubljana

Miskolc, against the odds. Chances for urban art festivals in Hungary

Searching routes. Dutch, Flemish and Hungarian cultural policies, seminar reader

Searching routes. Dutch, Flemish and Hungarian cultural policies, summary report


Towards a set of recommendations to the public authorities on festival policies. Circle round table meeting, Barcelona

Tactical or essential conversion of cultural policies? Conference on creative industries, Lisbon

The ideal, real and surreal in Central European identity. Divadelná Nitra theatre festival

Sponsorship – the contribution of foundations and enterprises. Funding culture in Europe, La rencontre de Séville

Culture 2000 under eastern eyes. Cultural co-operation between old, new and future eu members – a statistical analysis 2000–2006


The Buda Castle retreat on cultural observatories in Europe. Report

Festival-world. National survey on festivals in Hungary including deliberations on public funding, evaluation and monitoring

Budapest: regaining multiculturalism? Urban cultural life and inter-city cultural interactions for cultural diversity in Europe

Arts management in turbulent times – adaptable quality management. Book review

Culture for Europe, Europe for culture. Contribution to the online consultation questions to be raised in the Communication


Ministers' Dossier. Inclusive Europe conference, Budapest 

Gambling on culture in Hungary. 1992-1995

Assistance to arts and culture festivals. An Ifacca survey


Cultural employment in Europe


Socio-cultural activities and their institutions in Europe. Comparative research outline

Socio-cultural activities and their institutions in Europe. Rationale of the research

Evaluation of the Mosaic project of the Council of Europe

Challenges of enlargement. Conference of ministers, Linz, General report

Cultural sponsorship in east-central Europe. Address at a public hearing of the European Parliament


Bigger... Better... Beautiful? Conference on the impact of eu enlargement on cultural opportunities across Europe, Budapest, Final report

Bigger... Better... Beautiful? Comprehensive summary of the conference

Calling for a new doctrine of EU external cultural relations. Responses given to the consultation

On US cultural diplomacy


Tax incentives for private support to culture

Arm's length financing in culture: why? why not?

Incentive or reward? Tax relief for business sponsorship and donations to culture, Creative Europe – culture and business in the 21st century, Innsbruck


Review of cultural policy in Albania (from page 43)