Creative Europe


One of the most permanent features of BO is the monitoring of the cultural subsidies administered by the European Commission under various names: currently in the frame of the Creative Europe programme.

We analysed the geographic group dynamics in the first two years of the programme and prepared "creative bicycles" about networking after three years. The translation grants were examined separately on various occasions, here is the latest one.

An important undertaking in this connection analysed the first five years of the Culture Programme which started in 2007. BO kept analysing the basic facts, statistics and preferences - from Eastern European approach. Findings of the 2007-2011 period were published as a Connexus Document in conjunction with Euclid.

Still earlier, BO prepared and published Culture 2000 under Eastern Eyes (Cultural co-operation between old, new and future EU members  - A statistical analysis 2000-2006).

Authors: Péter Inkei, Daniela Langusi, Judit Friss, János Z. Szabó, 2007 (32 pages, free).
ISBN: 978-963-87729-0-9

BO, true to its mission, started looking into the implications of Culture 2000 programme for countries in east-central Europe, as well as the co-operation with their EU counterparts still in 2002, when a first analysis was made. The favourable reception of that study invited an update after the 2003 data were disclosed. The second analysis covered the period between 2000 and 2003, based on the eastern countries' participation in the programme on their own right and looked closely at distribution of projects by country and field over a period of four years. Afterwards, many positive reactions reached us, including a Romanian translation of the booklet in 2005.

With the actual publication the exercise is completed, based on the data disclosed by the European Commission on the decisions made during the seven years between 2000 and 2006, under the umbrella of the Culture 2000 Programme. The full text of the analysis is downloadable from here: Culture 2000 under Eastern Eyes (pdf, 1275Kb)