BO collaboration with the Open Society Institute Budapest discontinued after 2001. Since 2003, however, a new partner emerged, the Literature Across Frontiers project, for whom BO has been collecting a wide scope of information. According to the cooperation agreement, most of these will be put on display on this site soon.

Data gathering ranges from the evaluation of translation statistics contained in the Index Translationum of Unesco, of the analysis of the book related grants of the Culture 2000 programme of the European Commission etc.

From the latter, by way of a tiny intro, find the list of those seven publishers that have won EU translation grants every single year since 1999 (in the last year of Ariane and in the four C2000 years 2000-2003):

Kastaniotis and Psichogios from Greece, Crocetti and Iperborea from Italy, Pax, Gyldendal and J.W. Cappelens from Norway.

Publishers from east and central Europe are a long way behind. BO watches your speed of catching up.

The Book Sector in 2000 in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Find full report on PDF file (900kb).

Chapter by chapter on PDF files .

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