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Searching Routes in Dutch, Flemish and Hungarian cultural policies, 7-8 March 2008, Central European University, Budapest       

low_festival_logo_vertical_mini Since the regime change in 1989, Central and Eastern European culture professionals, policy makers and researchers have been following with keen interest the cultural life in Western Europe, and especially its governance and financing. The Dutch and Flemish schemes, important archetypes and inspiring innovations in the post-1968 Europe, enjoyed special attention. We did our best to adapt good practices, gave up certain illusions, and found out after a while that cultural policies are in motion over there, too. Often the problems are the same as here, and the solutions point at different directions than what we would expect: are we witnessing periodic regressions? One sided search for models gradually gave way to the exchange of experiences between peers.

The cultural policy forum of three cultural systems took place against this background as a part of the Dutch-Flemish cultural festival in Hungary in February-March 2008. The main features of national strategies and a few selected areas - the position of flagship institutions, policies at city level, the relations between national and European goals, and of course financing - were presented by specialists from the three nations and discussed involving the participants.

The programme of the conference, held in English and Hungarian, was of special interest to policy makers on the national, regional and municipal level, to the leaders of cultural organisations and representatives of the professional association, to policy researchers and students. 

The conference was organised by the Budapest Observatory in collaboration with the CEU Department of Public Policy, the CEU Center for Arts and Culture as well as the Leiden University Faculty of Creative & Performing Arts.

The reader prepared for the conference contains a comparative historical outline of Dutch and Flemish cultural policies.  

Read the summary report of the event.   



10.00 - 12.00        National policies in motion

                    Statement by HANS VAN MAANEN , commented and complemented by
                    Jos van Rillaerfollowed by a podium discussion involving the other presenters,
                    moderated by Dragan Klaic

Buffet lunch

1.00 - 2.30           Flagship cultural institutions: mission, status, finances

                    Presented by HENK SCHOLTEN

                    Commented and complemented by Bruno Verbergt and Barnabás Bencsik ,
moderated by Ann Olaerts

Coffee break

3.00 - 4.30           Municipal cultural policies

                    Presented by BRUNO VERBERGT

                    Commented and complemented by Vilmos Fedor, moderated
                    by Ben Hurkmans

4.30 - 5.00           GEOFFREY BROWN (Euclid, UK): Day's wrap up, moderated by Péter Inkei



10.00 - 11.30        Financing culture: sources, channels, models

                    Presented by JOS VAN RILLAER

                    Commented and complemented by Henk Scholten and László Harsányi ,
                    moderated by Péter Inkei

Coffee break

11.45 - 13.15         National interests and European opportunities

                    Presented by BEN HURKMANS

                    Commented and complemented by Ann Olaerts and Fruzsina Szép ,moderated
                    by Hans van Maanen

13.15 - 14.00              Summing up by DRAGAN KLAIC , assisted by Jan Kennis and
                    Walter Moens

Buffet lunch


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